May 172001

Ok.. I’m officially an ass.. hell a HUGE ass.. I went out tonight.. I meet my friend Rob out at “Blondies”.. We had a great time.. Soon after a mutual friend Charlie showed up so we went to the “elbo room”.. Well while I was there I made eye contact with a VERY pretty woman.. I bought her a drink.. and waved to her from across the room.

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. (I was only trying to be a gentlemen) She came over later.. I found out that she was from New Orleans.. and visiting her daughter.. I made talk.. I “think” I did ok.. hell she talked to me for at least a good 12 minutes.. at the end of it she said she would be at the beach tomorrow.. I said cool.. my buddy Rob said.. GO TALK TO HER AGAIN.. (which I hadn’t planned on doing since I thought I had done such a good job) So I go up to her and CRAP flows out my mouth.. GOD I suck.. She looks at me like.. “what an ass” I pray to GOD that she wont remember that part and will show up tomorrow.. I’m not that bad of an ass.. Hell I like everybody.. HELL I know that talking to her wont actually get me to “score” hell I really don’t care.. I do though really want some one to like me for what I am.. CRAP!! Crap!!.. I’m going to sit back and see what happens.. I’m pretty sure she wont be out tomorrow looking for me.. but who knows. I could be walking that fine line between good and God sent… PO!


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