May 262001

Well blogger.. way to go.. I was trading emails with what sounded like a nice girl.. and thinking she might want to know more about me.. I sent her to my site.. She writes back that she’s not intrested anylonger because of the journal she saw on the site.. To Woots!! for blogger.. I think I know the entry that turned her off.. a few nights ago.. a bird would not stop chirping.. not your chirp.. chirp mind you but 5 hours of screeching pain that lasted till 4am.. =( I wrote that entry at 4am.. very angry at that bird…. But in honest I wouldn’t have hurt it..

Well the french have a saying.. “that’s life”.. I’d write it in french but well.. I can’t remember the spelling off the top of my head right now. I’d like to think that blogger has been good to me.. allowing myself to vent, discribe and parlay my life.. and over all I think it’s saved my thousands on “doctor” bills =).

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. I’ll continue to use it.. but perhaps I’ll wait a little longer to tell people about it.. Give them some time to see the real me.. and not the blogger me.. PO!


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