Jun 142001

What an incredibly long weekend.. and week.

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. =) I went to the Keys this past weekend.. for the Young Pro’s It was pretty fun.. we got to say hi to a lot of people.. drink a lot of Amber Bock and I even got to eat chicken and chutnee.. what ever the hell that is.. =)

Anyways.. I’m pretty much moved into my new place.. Bellsouth has been driving me nuts.. 15 days with out DSL.. you have to love that.. morons… They told me I’d have it yesterday.. then they told me today that the line was being “upgraded”.. to what?? The guy just put in a NEW line on the 5th.. ASS!! I think if they took thier thumb out of thier private parts they’d realize that all they have to do is type in a few things and change a router… is that so hard?? 15 days hard?? I don’t think so.. anyways.. going out tonight to meet up with some guys who are done with school for the semester.. Then I have to take my roommate to the airport tomorrow.. (again) He’s flown to NH 3 times in the last 6 weeks.. (must be nice)… Well I’m out of here.. gonna make some dinner.. PO!


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