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DSL… ever elusive.

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. ever just out of reach.. even in need of trained professionals to actually make it work.. I moved on the 1st.. and yesterday got my DSL back up and running.. It seems that 4 techs are the charm… First a “new” DSL tech comes out.. has no idea… Then a “cable” guy comes out and kind find the problem.. he says that a DSL guy will be out the next day.. I get a service tech instead.. It takes me another 3 hours to confirm that the dispatcher indeed didn’t even have me down… I was told it would be at least another day..

God smiles down on me and another DSL tech show’s up with in 2 hours.. He seems to know what he’s doing.. find the problem.. and installs a spliter filter and I achieve the ever elusive “Synch” I know have my connection back up and running.. everything is fine.. I do need to purchase one of those cool Linksys routers.. So I can use the firewall that’s built into it..

I also just asked to go down to blondies… (again) I was just there the other night.. must I go again?? Last night Rob and I went to “T-Birds” after blondies because he wasn’t ready to go home yet.. It was fun.. it’s a SUPER red-neck bar/pool hall.. One time there.. Rob ate a pickeled egg.. The man has balls.. Who knows how long that egg had been there.. At least it wasn’t the “black” egg.. that would have been scary.. Anyways.. no word back from Austin yet.. maybe monday.. =)



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