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I saw Artificial Intelligence tonight.. It was by far one of the best scifi movies I’ve seen this year or for that fact in the last 5 or so years.. It has a lot of story in it.. A lot of wonder and innocence. I will now go into what I thought of the movie..

***Caution SPOILERS If you do not wish to know parts of the movie do not read past this****

David is a little boy but he’s more than just an ordinary little boy. He is a “Mecha” or mechanical being. David has emotion, primarily love. David “imprints” himself onto anyone who says a series of words together in the correct sequence. Monika, who’s son has been put in stasis until a cure can be found for his illness says those special words to David. Only David has been made to perfect, he is a 10 year old boy. He doesn’t know about the world, doesn’t know about life outside he doesn’t even know when his birthday is or even if he has one.

After Monika’s son is cured and returned from stasis David finds that the “real” son doesn’t like the idea of a Mecha as a brother. David being naive does what Milton says and find himself looking unsafe and a threat to the “Orgs” or organics the real family. The downfall is that once David is imprinted he will love no other and must be destroyed. Thus our tail begins. Unable to go thru with the destruction of David, Monika release’s him in the woods. Davids only action now is trying to become a “real boy” which he learns is possible thru a fairy tale and begins his search for the Blue Fairy.

Along the way he teams up with Giggalo Joe, a love Mecha that was set up for a murder by a jealous husband. Both David and Joe find themselves at a “Flesh Fair” which is a place were Orgs come to see old and stray Mecha destroyed by any means. Acid, dismemberment and even a cameo from Chris Rock getting shot out of a cannon into spinning blades graces this fair of sorts. Only when David is put on the block the people can’t seem to see him destroyed, he is too human.

After escaping from the flesh fair our two “hero’s” head to Rogue City to find Dr. Know who is a holographic know it all played by Robbin Williams (Bicentenial Man ring a bell). He tells of a place far off were “Lions weep”. This finds Joe and David headed to NYC, which has been partly submerged by the green house effect on the ice caps.. There we learn that David has always been “followed” and that it was an experiment. To find out if David would have the motivation to dream and make that dream come true with out being told what to do

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. David also see’s for the first time other Davids which are prepped for sale and ready to head to the malls (or what ever). David doesn’t take this well and for the first time we see hate from David which is the anti-thesis of love. (can we have one with out the other?) This drives David a bit mad and he falls into the water that surrounds NYC.

After some minor screen action David is in a submercible hover copter trapped under some NYC wreckage. Time passes and we really don’t know what has happenend. We see NYC now.. It is coverd in snow and ice. We are told it is now 2000 years into the future. We see “beings” fly by in some type of craft. These beings look alien but are they?? (This is my theory) First I believe that man became exstinct from a new ice age one that totally destroyed the ecosystem need to sustain life. This might have been brought on by many means but I think the story tell might be implying natural means. Second are the “beings” who have exavated NYC, digging deep into the ice that was once water surrounding the tall buildings. We follow these beings to where David was trapped and we see them activate him again and scan his memory. So who are these beings?? aliens from another world? No.. in a qoute from the movie Joe says to the effect “They made us to smart, they made us to fast, and they made us to many. They are scared because when they are gone we will still remain.” That’s who I think the beings are. Intelligent machines the REAL AI..

What proof do I have that they are “Mecha”. While they scan Davids memory we see images projected on their faces. One by one they touch each other and the images are transfered to the next being. A long line of them do this, what I would think would be “networking”. They tell David that he is one of a kind and special. That he contains memories of what man was like. The “Neo-Mecha” tell David they have the power to clone humans and restore their memories and personalities but that for some reason, they only live for a day, then they die thus losing the ability to restore them again. So why do the Neo-Mecha do this? easy to help them understand their creators. As the creator of David says in the movie. “God created Adam to love him” and God in returned loved Adam. Why do we as humans try to find our past.. so that we may understand our present and our future. This is what the Neo-Mecha were trying to do. Learn about their past and with finding David who very well may be their “Adam” or first of their kind they better understand humans and why they were created.

By far this movie has a LOT more to it.. I only barely scratched the surface.. It was 2 1/2 hours long and by all rights could have been longer. In it we see that Steve did a great job in trying to finish Stanely’s dream. Stanely worked on this for 15 years before he died and was unable to complete it. In the film we see A LOT of Kuberick at the end with the Neo-Mecha and the metaphysical representation of them and their quest. The boy who plays David does an excellent job and not playing a robot but playing a boy who is a robot. This subject matter isn’t new though Blade Runner dipped into it a bit. When their Synths only wanted to live and dream.. which is all David wants to do.. live and dream..


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