Jul 082001

“Wait.. Wait.. I never had a chance to love you… Wait.. Wait..” Yes that’s what I relived tonight.. White Lion.. minus every one but Tramp the singer.. no Vitto.. no real White Lion.. but they did play all the hits, cept one.. No Radar Love.. =( Why?? there could be many reasons.. High on the list would be that they are tired of playing it.. low on the list would be that they don’t have the rights to preform it.. I’m thinking the latter..

Anyways.. it was great.. top notch.

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. rock n FUCK’n roll.. Tramp had a very positive message.. support local bands and old rock bands no matter what the cost.. We/they are a slowly dying breed..Later this month.. LA Guns, Faster Pussycat and Bullet Boys are coming.. I will not miss this!!! Talk about reliving ALL of the late 80’s in one night.. all three of these bands scream 1989!! I can’t wait to sit back and remember what the hell was doing when their albums came out..

Talk later..


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