Jul 102001

“Kiss of the Dragon” – Not bad.. Jet Li is his old self. He even wrote the idea for this movie. In it he plays China’s best police officer. Schooled in the highest martial arts and as an added twist, doesn’t use guns but acupunture.. Briget Fonda plays a Nebraska X-junkie hooker who’s daughter is being held by the “bad” guy. Murder insues, wrongy acused, Jet Li pursues until he’s vindicated at the end and everything goes as planned..

Personally I could have used some more finely tuned action scenes.

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. The ones in the movie seemed.. repeatative.. and just a tiny bit slow.. though there is a scene with a room filled with batton wielding police that Jet show’s his true speed in.. I guess the one thing I didn’t like.. is that though opponents were everywhere.. there were to many of them.. they came out of the wood work.. Jet must have beat at least 70 ppl in this movie.. I would think that if 70 people got beat up in one night around here.. the ARMY would get called in..

“Atlantis” -Very good. The voice action is top notch in this movie.. and the “atlantians” technology is both bery Mayan and very cool.. With “fish” looking flying craft and “Tron” esk body paint it mixes well. The story though at times predictable was still Disney.. The animation (were talking the traditional part here) was something to be desired.. That being said.. everyone’s fingernails were triangles and everyone tended to have very sharp angular jaw lines.. This animation took me back to old school Disney flicks from the late 80’s early 90’s.. The Computer generated graphics were totally on the other side of the spectrum.. Very fluid, organic and top notch.. The “leviathan” creature was by far one of the best CG cartoon creatures I’ve seen in a while.. It blended well with the movie.. There were also WAY more CG background characters used in this film than previous Disney films.. Now I’m not saying characters that are WAY in the background like Mulan.. but characters that are in the mid ground just behind the main’s.. Disney typically goes for hand drawn characters this close but choose not to this time and it did IMO work out..

Well that’s if for today.. I’m pretty movied out since that’s all I’ve done these last 4 days or so.. Maybe later this week I’ll write what I thought about “Proof of Life”.. with Russle Crowe and Meg Ryan..



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