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“Final Fanstasy: The Spirits Within” – Where to start. This movie has been in production for over three years. It is a milestone in Computer Generated media. It is one of the most (and only) coputer generated full length features that shoots for realism in not only objects and enviroment but also characters. Things to look for in this movie is the different clothing types.. One of the hardest things to do in the computer is get realistic clothing. The other is hair. Real hair lays naturally, blows in the wind naturally and reacts naturally. FF:TSW does a great job at capturing these every day things. One the lacking though was lip synching. Yes the mouth moved when words were coming out. I’m not saying that wasn’t tight. What I am saying is that the mouths of ALL the characters lacked the realistic movement and over exaggeration that the mouth normally has.

The story was also another thing that had a bit to be desired. Dr. Aki with aid from Dr. Sid and a “Deep Eyes” military unit persue the search for the 8 spirits. When combined these spirits will cancel out the biometric wave of the “invading” aliens. The entire movie is wrapped in a meta-spiritual theme.. Who’s right, Dr Aki and Dr. Sid or the military lead by General Hein who wants to use the Zues cannon against the aliens which may or may not destroy the earth in the proccess.. I wont say which way works out, or which way is better, or which way I would have choosen but I will tell you this.. a lot of things go “BOOM” at the end.

The voice acting in this movie is TOP NOTCH with many great preformers. Dr. Aki is played by Ming Na (Mulan) Dr Sid is played by Donald Sutherland

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. Other actors include. Steve Buscemi, Alec Baldwin, James Wood, Peri Gilpin, and Ving Rhames. All of them do a steller job.. All in all I would recommend that if you like CG or SciFi movies that you go to see this one. The backgrounds, technology and character animation are some of the best you’ll see in any movie this year..


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