Jul 182001

“The Fast and the Furious” – What can I say.. fast cars.. NOS and some detective work… Lets break down the plot.. shall we.. There is Bryan (I think that was his name) is a an FBI agent.. he goes undercover to stop a band of DVD stealin punks who drive sup’d imports. We learn that they have stolen a LOT of DVD players by the time detective Bryan gets deep in his cover.. 6.5 mil worth.. which for me is a LOT of players.. especially at like 200 dollars a pop… Well.. he fall’s for this girl.. who is the sister of the “man”.. Well needless to say I saw this movie when it was called “Point Break” Well.. to tell you the truth.. I liked Keanu Reeves better than this guy even though he sounded like him every now and then. The webpage.. if you can get over the fact that the same 12 second rap loop goes on.. and on.. and on.. and on.. and on.. seems to be kind of cool.. Find out about the cars.. and the NOS.. and I think if you look hard enough you can find out about the movie and who played in it.. I didn’t get that far.. The movie.. good entertainment.. lots of laughs.. though not at any jokes just at what’s going on.. 6 out of 10.

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