Jul 202001

Jurassic Park III – Lets see.. it’s the 3rd installment of JP.. and they decided to do something right.. Use a story to show dinosours.. JP2.. was just effect shots liked to another effect shot.. No story.. no concept just great CG.. =( JP3 changes that.. it adds what the 2nd lost. a story.. albeit.. not the best story.. since they already done the story before.. save boy.. trapped on island.. from big lizards. The one thing in the whole movie though that REALLY twicked my rod was this boy.. Ok.. I can believe he’s been stranded on the island.. that his “step dad” has been eaten and that his real mother and father put together a rescue.. be it a hush hush one cause no one in the Gov’t will help.. But and I mean BUT.. They say hes been on “site b” for 8 weeks.. yes.. you read that right EIGHT WEEKS!!.. The new season of Dark Angel wasn’t even 8 weeks.. and you expect us to believe that a 13 year old boy made it 8 weeks in a place with lizards the size of houses?? right.. and I’m the Pope in Rome!!..Did I mentioned I liked it??

Anyways.. the website looks cool.

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. just don’t play the stupid ass 3d game.. and expect a lot of pop ups.. (which I hate).. I’d say in closing.. go see this movie.. they have REALLY made the dino’s look real.. and they fit perfect into the scenes.. I would say even better than the full size puppets they use the Stan Winston built..

7.5 out of 10


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