Jul 222001

Where to start.. On the 10th of next month I head out to Cali.. Siggraph 2001. 9 days of being back in the thick of it. Scott’s coming.. Its going to be a blast.. seeing everyone and meeting new people. When I return from that on the 19th I have 2 days to get everything packed and ready to go (I’ll be packed before I leave cept for the last of the stuff) And then it’s off to Austin to start my new job

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. I then have 7 days to get there.. find a place.. move in.. get “homey” and then start on the 27th which is a monday at 9am.. At least they said they’d cover breakfast.. =)

On a side note.. I’m gonna try and find a job at a local pub or something.. maybe I could start DJing again on monday and tuesday night?? That would be cool.. Well I’m headed to bed now.. cause I’m tired and it’s late.. and I have to go to school tomorrow to nail down finacial aid crap..

Talk soon


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