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“Planet of the Apes” -Where to begin.. Loosely based off of the original, POTA takes a little bit of a twist and makes it another planet and in the future, rather than just the future like the original. Markee Mark does a good job but there just isn’t the “anger” that Charles had in the first one.. “Take your stinking hands off me you dirty Ape!” That’s what makes good movies.. The monkeys or “Apes” (what they insist on being called) are played fairly well. Of course ape technology has come a long way since the 60’s and these apes look more ape like (at least the males) The females look more human which I guess was done to make guys think apes are hot… The lead Chimp.. General Thade is played WAY over the top.. he’s like a crazed killer chimp rather than a “civilized” monkey… He’s always jumping around and looking at the camera with this evil grin.. which after about the 50th time gets to you. Over all though it’s worth taking the time to see.. really.. The best part is that if you follow the movie.. it’s a giant paradox.. or something like that.. perhaps one of those crazed “loops” that timelords talk about..

The website isn’t that bad either.. done entirely in flash it has sound bites, vid clips and desktop images.. I didn’t go to deep but it looked nice.. I was suprised to learn that a lot of the conceptual art work was done by Burton himself.

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. which.. I must say looks good.. even if he is extrememly weird.. Well take my word for it.. some of the visuals in on this site and in the movie are worth checking out. I’d like to leave with one of my favorite quotes from the movie.. “Get em out!, And get em clean!!”. Anyways.. I’d say..

8.5 out of 10


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