Aug 112001

Sup.. second day in Cali.. going great.. doing great.. Going to a grill out in about 30 minutes at these “ladies” house that me and a friend meet last night.. not to mention after that I have to go at a 11.30 to pick up scott at LAX… He is flying in “Spirit” airlines.. right.. who the hell they are.. I have no idea… Anyways.. I also picked up my rental car about an hour ago.

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. A SWEET silver Mustang.. CONVERTABLE!!.. hehehe! yep.. sweet ass.. hehe.. it’s loaded to.. CD… power.. criuse.. I’m gonna make scott pay the extra.. hehe.. 10 a day.. cause he wanted a vertable.. hehe..

Well.. I’m out of here.. I’ll update you all on how the day finishes out and what tomorrow may hold..

Talk soon


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