Aug 152001

Ok.. went to the Digital Domain party… it was PHAT!! had a great time.. saw a bunch of people I worked with and some I went to school with.. and even a teacher or one… After the party we went ot “dimples”.

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. a great bar.. only on our way out… Mike got hit in the face… I had NO idea that the guy who had fucked with me 2 seconds before was the same guy.. .had I known… it would have been a fast problem… Now Scott and I will be hangin at dimples this week.. till we leave looking for this “person”.. he just walked outside and popped mike in the face… teh fuck… he also had the nutz to call me some names before I realized he had even hit mike… I hope he realizes that he’s gonna get his asses kicked when he comes back….. =)… sorry. I shouldn’t be this mean sounding….

Anyways.. nite all.. and thanks to everyone who is waiting around for me.. hehe.. nite


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