Aug 192001

Well I’m home.. don’t know if I mentioned that.. hehe.. Scott’s flight was delayed 3.5 I had to go back to the airport to get him.. not to mention the ass couldn’t remember his own phone number so I had to have rob come pick me up instead of Mike.. not that Mike is even HOME..He better be around tomorrow though.. I’m also VERY tired.. very… I have to get up early tomorrow and fax out an apartment app.. and tell them that my fee’s and deposit are on the way..

Let’s see I’m also loving Alien Ant Farms new song.. the cover of “Smooth Criminal”.. it’s very cool.. Also.. I have 2 days left to pack before I move.. I’m leaving on Wensday so I can be to work on Monday… Need to pack up my computers tomorrow.. and pack all my dishes and other stuff..

Well I’m off to bed now.

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. I can bearly keep my eye’s open.. nite all..

Talk soon


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