Sep 162001

Well, here I am chillin on lunch at work.. just updating the old blogger site.. so how’s everyone doing out there?? good I hope.. I should mention work is pretty cool.

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. people here are great and I’ve found a new love for the people I support.. (the #$#*&#%).. =) Anyways.. busy tomorrow.. gotta get my new DL and plates, get the car washed.. contact and fill out my movers insurance form.. and see about getting a replacment stereo for the car… and changing some more addresses.. Tuesday is gonna be full to with contacting the finiacial service that handles my student loans and updating thier information and crap like that.. plus I want to take a very LONG nap..

Well.. For now.. back to work.. I’ll get up with everyone soon. and scott.. if you DO happen to read this.. which I’m sure you wont.. cause you’d have to use a computer to do that.. EMAIL me you stupid shit… Well.. back to the grind.. talk soon


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