Oct 042001

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It was a awsome night.. cool.. with a breeze.. the Backyard the best spot to be in all of Austin. The giant oak trees with thier hanging branches and brooding temper.. The first band out was BITCH AND ANIMAL a two piece female band… Thier voices were like the wind.. sweet and cool.. singing about thier pussy manofesto(sp) and thier best dildo’s.. Working the crowd to a fever pitch.. only to leave us hanging while they breaked for Ani I felt like i was left in a ditch.

The crowd was mixed.. though more than half were woman.

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. and more than half of those were there with the women.. It was every man’s fantasy.. or was it? When Ani hit the stage it became what I remembered.. sweet melody.. carried on that cool austin breeze.. the blue and reds of the lights playing off the trees behind the stage making me feel like I wanted more.. making me feel like I needed all. In the end it was to short.. it alwasy is.. Ani can’t play long enough to satisfy every one.. to endulge us all.. but like bittersweet candy there is always crap that follow’s the sweetness..

I waited in the worse traffic to leave. I was trapped like a dead end rat in the last parking field on the edge of hell.. My music my only outlet, my only freedom to forget that it was going to take 2 hours to go 20 miles… was it worth it? yes.. would i see her again?? yes.. Would I go back to the backyard just for any show.. no.. hell no..but I might if the price is right.. and the music is what I want.. and I feel my desire breath… but till then I’ll be happy on this side.. resuming my daily grind..

that is all good bye..


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