Oct 062001

Joy Ride

I saw this movie last night.. It wasn’t to bad.

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. a fellow employee said that it had gotten mosty good reviews.. The story goes like this (from what I saw of it).. Young stud is off for summer break from Berkely(sp) he decided to fly home.. but wait.. this hot little number from high school calls him and askes if he can come get her.. Being the pussy whipped sex straved, praying for a life ass he is.. he cashes in his plane ticket and buys a piece of shit car. We also find out that his older brother is being let out of jail in NV so ass.. decideds to pick him up as well.. Well.. they end up all picking each other up and starting thier.. “how the hell did we get here” trip to NJ. On the way the 2 brothers minus silver dollar nipples girl play a prank on a truck driver.. saying they will meet him at a hotel room.. well.. after some REAL quiet death next door to them.. they get scared.. The movie then turns into a mix between.. and old movie I saw were a semi chases a car and Maximum Overdrive.. The Truck SPEWS smoke from it’s exhust all the time.. bla bla bla.. finally the move climaxes with silver dollar nipples girl wrapped in the bueaty that is clear packing tape.. (tiger grrrowl)

The best part of the movie though.. is this.. in one of the small towns they stay in.. all 3 go to a local bar to partake in the drinking of spirits and vibe..Well they give us the impression that they all have at LEAST 4 shots of Teq.. I would think more.. Anyways.. a minute after drinking.. and being all woozie and drunk ass.. they are now sober and fearing for thier lives.. and DRIVING!!… Drunk to not Drunk.. I want that!! Anyways.. no real actors were harmed in the making of this movie and we never even see the villian…

Final word.. half cheese, half fun.. and large silver dollar nipples all round..



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