Nov 052001

Monsters Inc.

Ok.. this film is by far one of the best animated films to ever be made.. It was very funny.. more mature and technically ground breaking.. The lip synch in this movie was awsome.. even back ground characters had hunderds of mouth moves and expresions.. the voice acting was also TOP notch.. the sets were great, the backgrounds.. the little things.. like the girl from toy story 2 and the ball from Lamp…just great.. the FUR was also awsome.. there’s on scene.. where it looks like LUKE on Hoth.. Sully’s buried in teh snow.. with the wind blowing around him.. very cool..

Star Wars, Episode One DVD

My god can they pack anymore crap on to two CD’s?? this rocks.. so much extra crap it makes me dizzy and it sounds great to.. NUFF said BUB!

Final Fantasy DVD

Again, 2 CD’s.. packed full of stuff.. you can’t go wrong here for the price.. one of the best CG films to date.

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. a must see just so you can say you saw it!!


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