Nov 092001

Another great day here at work.. =) I’m really liking the night shift.. I’m alone, happy and I can run things my way to reason… It really makes it in someways enjoyable. Not to mention that for a few hours I get the chance to hang out with some of the best people here.. the “Night Shift”… Misfits, fools, and idiots all of us.. but hey… you gotta love it.

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Anyways.. nothing really new happening.. just working my ass off.. trying to make this call center run baby smooth over night.. I think I’m doing a good job.. It’s hard to tell. since everyone who could give me feedback works during the day =) Anyways.. my shift starts in about a half hour and I wanted to make sure my new banner down below works.. My new Wolf 3d Test name is “Amber Bocker”.. go figure.. =) They just reset everything so it will take me a week or so to get back up in the top 1/3 or higher..

Take care everyone


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