Nov 142001

FROM HELL— Very cool, saw this yesterday afternoon.

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. by far one of the best Dep movies.. This movie visually was very cool.. the colors the settings.. the atmosphere.. The sound of the blade cutting flesh.. the sound of blood letting.. the sound rain makes on cobble stone.. Jack the Ripper, the first “real” Ceral Killer of the new age.. never caught, never brought to justice.. never understood..

I found the preformaces in this film top notch.. even Heathers.. of course they go and kill the prettiest girl in the film.. the french girl.. =( and then don’t even have her name on the website to look up.. DAMN THEM ALL!! infernal movie makers.. Over these last few movies i’ve seen I’ve noticed an all to painful thing.. thier websites SUCK, they make look cool.. but they have as much content as bubble wrap.. Anyways.. SEE THIS MOVIE!! before it goes away.. or see it at home, in the dark with your girl next to you.. so you have some one to grab onto when you hear the swish of the blade pan from your right speaker to left..

***** stars!


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