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Harry Potter Home Page–Ok.. I saw this the other night.. It’s been pretty hyped up and is making more money than God at a lemonaid stand..My first impression…. LONG, omg long.. like much to long for no good reason. Why was it this long?? Like all good movies made from books you CUT out the boring shit.. This movie went out of it’s way I believe to make sure every page of the book was in there..The only GOOD thing it did was fool you into who was the “bad” guy.. The CG for the movie was rather good.. though you could tell right away what was CG and what wasn’t.. They used a lot of CG stunt doubles.. and these stuck out when you looked.. Also the “CG” owls.. SUCKED they movied like the metal bird from The Titans but not as believable as that one.

Over all the acting was good, LOTS of big name stars in it.. but over all they didn’t need half the cast or 2 hours and 45 minutes to tell this story… The movie lacked a lot of excitment because of it’s length and generally just took to long to go anywhere.. How children of this day and age sat thru the whole thing the way they did I have no idea, had I not been with 2 other people and in the middle of the Row I probably would have gotten up to go to another movie instead..

The Website, the games were pretty cool and a neat diversion.. but other than that.. just crap..

Basically overall this movie was a way for the kids to find out how to correctly pronounce the words that were in the book (as they went out of the way to use just silly names) and of course cash in on the children who don’t know better than to spend thier parents money.. Gods willing I wont have to see the next one and Lord of the Rings later this month will save my sanity.. * Star for the kids -*** stars for the length.

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