Nov 272001

ok, so I’m sitting there at the gas station.. it’s the cheapest one.. everyone on this side of town knows it.. hell it’s like 93 cents a gallon.. so it’s very busy.. Anyways.. I get there.. I circle once cause I want to see the other side.. but you know.. they only put the gas intake on one side of your car for a reason.. (to mainly piss you off).

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. So I get in line.. only head on with this other car.. we all KNOW i’m going next.. anyways.. the woman behind me thinks that if she goes around and get’s in behind the car I’m waiting for that that means she goes next.. Well.. needless to say… the car pulls out and she starts edging to the pump.. Well.. her car looked much nicer and newer than mine.. and I think she realized this.. as I pulled up to it and mouthed the “Not this time bitch” thru the window to her.. Well she gives me this innocent look and then tries to pull in and cut off the person to the pump right of me..only they edge in and block her.. So now I’m thinking.. “you’ve gotten what you’ve deserved”.. and the world is in balance again..

I pumped my gas,, and froze my butt off.. but left happy..


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