Nov 292001

ok.. it’s cold as like my TIT outside!!.. but very anti climatic.. like a bad porno.. they news said SNOW!! they said Freezing rain!!! They said.. soda pop for all!! but did we get any of it??? NO!! Everyone left here early leaving my ass for no good reason.. Thanks NEWS!! I bet we don’t even have doppler radar.. but it’s like some 3 year old with a green crayon…So.. i’m goind ok though.. a bit tired.. didn’t get to take a nap today..cause wrong numbers kept calling.. waking my ass up.. so by 9am.. I’ll be pretty much ready for nite nite.. if the house isn’t an ice box.. GOD DAMN it’s COLD!! did I mention that?? if I was in lauderdale.. I’d be in shorts probably at the beach drinking a cold one!! but know.. I have to have the shoulders hurting.. and the fingers tired.. and caffine coursing thru my blood.

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. to keep me functional..

Anyways.. I’m hoping some one call’s me today.. like around 6 or so.. so I can talk to them.. well.. back to work.. that was my 8 minute break.. WOOT!!


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