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Well, once again.. I’m at work.. yes… it’s hard to believe I know. Doing email support.. gawd people can have the wierdest questions… =) Lets see.. what’s going on with my life right now?? hmmm nothing.. I had a “date” about a week ago.. thought it went well.. but oh well, you can never guess the mind of a women even when they tell you… No matter.. moving on.

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. no big loss.. I need to go downtown tonight.. get out have a few drinks.. or somthing.. have some fun… I’ve been working and sleeping and not doing anything inbetween that.. Yesterday I did almost 15 hours of work.. and stayed up for over 24 hours before going to bed… so I need to relax a bit and get out. I’m gonna try 6th street tonight.. Not even gonna watch TV tonight.. HELL NO!! just going on and going to enjoy myself.. who knows.. maybe I’ll see you out there!!..

Peace Out!!


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