Dec 042001

Ghost of Mars I watched this on DVD tonight.. It was ok.. had some really cheesy Special FX in it.. real bad.. like “OMG that just a toy train!!” kind of cheese. Anyways.. Natasha was in it.. she is SO damn hot… =) Ice Cube was cool in it.. laid back.. phat mac that he is.. The sound track was cool to.. Anthrax did it.. with Steve Via siting in.. and “buckethead” who I think was Dave Mustang..

Anyways.. an “Alien” presense is released.. and it starts to retake Mars.. it can’t be destroyed.. as if being in the ground isn’t bad enough.. they damn well blow up a good chunk of rock and don’t even stop it.. We never see what happens to one character.. she kind of just “stays behind” I didn’t see her die.. or escape.. hmm go figure.. hehe.. Anyways.. Natasha is a Cop with long legs and a tight firm buttox.. killing possed humans with glee!! backed by IC and this guy from “The One”… Anyways.. it was ok.. still have 2 more movies to watch over the next few days.. so we’ll see..

On a side note, I can’t find blue fuckin xmas lights!! WTF?? can’t be that hard can it!! and update from last night.. it sucked.. monday night with downtown covered in FOG does not promote a “party” type atmosphere for collage kids.. gawd I remember my collage days.. we went out REGARDLESS of FOG!! beer was beer damn it.. Oh well.. maybe next week.

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