Jan 072002

ok.. I was watching the news this morning.. (it happens when you sleep sometimes and can get up early enough) They said that there was a rise in “fat” children.. and what was America doing.. and how do we stop the teasing.. What I want to know is when are these fat kids gonna fight back?? Hell they have to atleast outwieght the compitition of skinny kids right.. beat the shit out of them and take control of thier lives.. sheesh.. already.. piss and whine.. that’s all we do now a days..

Ok.. the holidays are over finally.. FINALLY!! I can ramp back on the overtime a bit.. (thank the gods) I’m even going home for 9 days at the end of the month.. Time off for good behavior I think.. (sweet) Also gonna try to get down to see the buds in Fort Lauderdale.. Go to some REAL bars and clubs.. and hang out and get some BBQ!! wOoT!!

Bought new sneakers yesterday.. (bought time!) Feel like I can walk again.. =) What else has been happening.. Playing a LOT of Ambar.. www.ambar.com. It’s a cool game, text based.. no graphics.. no sound.. just simple adictive game play.. for the busy young professional.

What else.

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. bah.. nothing… Getting car tuned up today and will try to get it inspected so I can get the Registration and plates and Drivers Lisense done tomorrow.. I’ll then be a full fledged Texan.. (I think).. Well.. I’m out of here..



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