Jan 092002

Ok.. then.. so Blogger is upgrading thier servers.. seems to many people are uploading crap… figures.. pretty soon I bet I’ll have to drop this cool thing cause they will want money or somthing. Oh well.. it will be cool while it lasts.. anyways.. This weekend is the UO Fan Fest/Faire.. It sounds like it will be a blast.. I’ll be part of one of the “round table” talks.. which should be cool.. though it’s only 25 minutes long…

Ok.. what else.. I’m here at work.. but not really working.. cause I’m waiting for Medal of Honor Single player demo to upload to the network.. =) 7 minutes left..

I’d like to say HELL yes.. I have my plane tickets and am confirmed on Southwestern flight to home.

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. at the end of the month.. wooT!!!

Damn straight bout time.. I’ll be in Fort Lauderdale soon to hang and chill with my buds.. and have some fun.. =)



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