Feb 072002

Wow.. and to think.. I had only had a few drinks at the house before spitting out the crap from last night!! quoting songs, and being all “angry”.. hehe.

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. damn.. havn’t been that way in forever… Don’t know what brought it on really… I’m actually well adjusted…. right?

Anyways… I’m actually feeling ok.. just made the new schedule bids.. I’ll be working the over night shift still but I’ll have a weekend night off this time.. (thank god!!) what’s this mean??/ it means I can actually GO OUT with people and mingle with real peeps.. in clubs with people.. in it.. I can’t wait!! that starts monday!!

Oh well, getting to meet karen for breakfast, that will be nice, take some time to catch up on what I’ve missed this last week on vacation, it’s nice to talk to her.. she has many good things to talk about and listens as well.. fine woman… she’ll make someone very happy some day (just teasin girl!)

well, back to work this break is over..


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