Feb 102002

ok.. here is my first draft of a poem I’m writting.. Still a bit ruff.. so.. here it is–No title yet.. working on that part..

It some times suprises me, how we are so easily distracted..

How we find our self seeking out the pretty bobbels.. and the very shiny things.

Passing over what is trustworthy or proven in reliance.

Some times I think my life is like that.

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. The old toy passed up for a new one.

Or the worn baseball thrown away forgotten for the bright new white one.

And How quickly we feel the part. ageless my ass….

Is it wrong to feel this way? do we not all feel this way.. and even

when we say we don’t act this way, we do.

It’s hard to admit that to ones self.

That you would treat someone just as we don’t want to be treated.. but it’s true..

I think that if you can try to over look it, why can’t others?

why is it so hard?

Could it be human nature?



Maybe.. culture?

All I know is that sometimes, it’s just wrong and it hurts.

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