Feb 152002

Well.. this is my first Friday off.. in about 4 months.. I can’t wait.. I have no CLUE what the hell I’m gonna do.. but there is a 70% chance it will be down town.. and involve people..=)

Trying to get a hold of a friend of mine.. but he is not on aim… =(.. which is just not fun.. hehe.. oh.. well.. lets see if I can’t come up with something eventful tonight.. at least I’ll have fun trying..

Oh.. Valentines Day update.. Lets see.. spent it with Karen.. getting her a new Registration and title for her truck.. then we played some pool at work.. then.. later had dinner with her roomate and son.. oh.. and I helped her clean her house a bit.. I have to point out that NO.. I am not dating Karen.. though it was fun to spend the day with her..and help her around the house.. kind of made me feel wanted.. She’s almost as good as having a girlfriend sometimes.. hehe.. Oh.. well.. all 4 of us had a blast last night after dinner goofing off and stuff.. so much fun that I slept late today.. =)

Oh wel.. time to start planing the evening.

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