Feb 172002

ok.. so it’s post Valentines Day.. and I’m thinking to myself.. “self, my personality is just not cutting it.. I’m funny, pretty self confident, I listen, I’m old schoolz in romance, I can be serious, and hold a conversation. I can be quiet or laugh out loud.” This doesn’t seem to be working on it’s own.. So.. I’m moving to a new plan.. I will keep some of my better personality traits but I also plan to get into the best physical shape I can. That means no snacks AT ALL. Less “drinking” and a LOT MORE exersice..


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. this starts it.. best day to start anyways.. knowing what I know.. so I’m even more motivated then I need to be.. AND work is having a SKU lunch party this friday so maybe I’ll have the chance there to meet someone.. specail.. or at least get stick ass drunk…

Ok.. off to do stuff..


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