Mar 012002

Ok.. so I’m going to dinner tonight… headed out to the Macaroni Grill.. I’ll update here how it went.. or…. maybe not.. cause peeps read this and stuff.. and that’s like part of my personal life.. =)

Anyways.. work was exciting as hell.. had a dept meeting.. all went well.. we found out we are not going to get fired this quater!! woot!! and we are going to get to do some fun things at work.. and have stuff.. and things.. ok.. I’m starting to babble.. cause I can’t tell to much about work here.. cause it’s all owned by a huge company that can just sue my ass.. on a tuesday.. =).

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Talk soon.. I will say one thing.. I’ve started a “Art for Art’s Sake” weekly newsletter at work.. One poem, and One peice of art from a master.. gets sent out.. to help my fellow employees experience culture if they haven’t had the chance.. call me an art freak.. yeah that’s me.. and on a plus side.. they have not told me to stop 😉 so that’s good..

Bye again


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