Mar 032002

You know sometimes work just pisses me off.. not the work itself but the people I have to work with.. Now I don’t hold anything against any of them.. Only.. after working 6 hours alone it’s nice to have some one show up in the morning and engage in some kind of conversation.. SOMEKIND.. not pull up your chair say “morning” and then procced not to say anything for the next 3 and a half hours I’m there.. Don’t get me wrong.. there’s a place and a time for talk.. but JESUS!! more than a fuckin hi would be nice every morning.. it’s the least I do for them..

Good Night. I’m going to fuckin bed now I’m so damn Irate about this.. Grrrr.. it’s not easy being me.. the ever happy, ever enjoyable me.. and when you get no help from the outside.. you wonder how the fuck can you keep it up… well.. you can’t all the time.. and peeps look at you like your in a sour mood when all your doing is acting like they are.. watching my monitor flick while I reply to crap ass emails.

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