Mar 132002

New Poem in the works

it’s about half done I would think.

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. plus needs about 3 more pass overs till I’m happy with it.. but here is a sneaky peek!!

Loves Art

Minimalistic, you cut away at our clay.

realistic, you cut away till none remains

shaping, our futures togther as one.

Making, a lump that we once called our love.

You express yourself in the water colors,

You say you like the way they run.

Why must our relationships be like oils,

always seperate, segregated and no fun.

you paint the sad potrait, the eyes are your soul.

I am the landscape, distance faded but not alone.

All I want is to hang by your side but my colors fade in the spotlight,

You seek your fame in the gallery, while I sleep alone at night.

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