Apr 172002

ok.. so it’s been what.. a couple of days since I updated this.. 😉 yeah.. you work this much and see if you have time between sleep… hehe.. Anyways.. picked up a new game.. www.darkageofcamelot.com yes.

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. this game.. is like Crack to me right now.. I think I may even get a laptop so I can play it in the restroom…

BUT i ramble.. I’m actually still up from my over night shift.. got a hair cut.. and will not move to the sofa for the afternoon “chill” were I take a small nap to tide me over till later when I can really go to sleep.. Need to start looking for a house soon.. so I’ll be doing that maybe this end of the week.. also need to sell my Dodge.. anyone??? anyone?? Ferris??

Peace outside!!


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