May 032002

The destiny of ones soul is… nothing.. or should I say somthing wrappedin crap which is nothing? I find myself liking people I shouldn’t.. feeling emotion for those who would in the end.. crap on me…

I see myself daily feeling less and less like I’m even liked.. I don’t know.. one has friends for the sake of having friends.. (ie people other than your mother who care for you.

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. right?? ) but lately I don’t get that.. hell.. I think I get it more from pron!!.. but that’s a different story with a happier ending.. back to my dismail life..

I like a girl.. who “maybe” used to like me.. Now I really like that girl.. and she has not feelings for me.. I’m “that guy”.. the one who in the end will end up taking it in the ass.. but oh well.. isn’t that what “love” is.. crap.. now I’m starting to feel like a WB commercial.. oh well fuck it.. I’m going to bed..


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