May 042002

Spider-Man Movie From Columbia Pictures

OMG this movie rocked.. Between the exellent CG work and action scenes to the point that the story has NO holes and is rock solid this movie by any other name would get an oscar.

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. As it is called “Spider-Man” there may be issues involved with giving a gold statue away to the team that made this possible..

This movie is awsome, its cast is solid and the acting top notch.. the Green Goblin is done masterfully.. Peter Parker is played top of the hilt, He is at one time nerdy, confident and a part of everyone who ever felt awkward in life. Kirsten plays a mean Mary Jane.. woot!! I love red heads.. 😉

The CG in this film rocks.. though there are parts where the digital actors stand out there is a few parts where you’ll be hard pressed to notice and realize that what you just saw was all CG.. The way they make spidey fight, websling and just cling is great.. hats off to Sony and imageworks..

Go see this movie!!!!! ***** (5 stars)

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