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New site on the net about online games. haven’t had much time to read it yet I will later I guess or never will what ever comes first

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Lets see I was really excited to watch Lord of the Rings this weekend. I went to best buy and got it for a good price.. I turned off all the lights and cranked up the surround. I then get the urge to use the restroom so I stand up and sweep my blanket off me.. “plink” there goes the cup on the coffee table that contains the ever so little amount of Kool Aid, RED KOOL AID. A little splash makes it to the rug and I spring to action like a freak! “dab dab dab” nothing!! I run to the computer and aim my friend who has kids.. “LINDA!! HELP ME!! wadda do!!” I scream. She gives me some ideas and I leap into action and go to the store. It’s now been 2 days since the “Great Spill of the Ring” The stain is now almost gone it can only lightly be seen. The problem now is I have a HUGE FREAKIN clean spot in the rug that I’ll have to scuff up and dirty before I move out in 13 days. Just my luck to.. 2 weeks before I move out and I stain the rug =(

Wish me luck


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