Oct 202002

I saw Ani Difranco tonight at the Backyard. This will have been my second time seeing her there. This time she was alone

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. No band, no back up. Just her voice and some strings. Below our my memories and thoughts of the night. -Enjoy.

It’s a humid night and the air is clean with a sweet hint of clove. Butterflies and fireflies zip around between the large oak trees. The masses are of the 2nd Majority. They are the off beat. They are the awkward. They are the NOT pretty. They have short hair. They are this years hippie. They are militant and angry at the world but they still know what a cell phone is and can find Google. The chant for the night is “What’s it going to be like tonight?” The chant of the night is “What’s it going to be like tonight?” Her voice is like a breath of air, it calls and yells and loves. Her voice is like what we’ve all wanted to hear. I am moved by her words to “Train” about that day. Yes you know which day. The crowd around me swings with her words and hears her meanings. They look to her for help but she is only the messenger. She is only the voice not the leader. This is her role and she plays it well. She knows that we shouldn’t follow anyone but ourselves and she doesn’t put herself out there as a holy woman or saint.


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