Oct 302002

ok.. so I’ve been reading up on a lot of Lancer pages and checking out all the cool “mods” and tricks peeps have done to them. So i decided it be cool to try something a little less ambitious… =)

I ordered some new PC parts.

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. (yes finally) It was getting to the point were I could not play the game the company I work for makes :\

Well those parts will be in later this week so I decided to “mod” the case these parts are going in. So being the artistic bitch I am.. the case is going to be the same yellow as my Lancer with black highlights and a large wrap around Mitsubishi diamond logo on it in black as well. I might then put a few well choosen “sponser” stickers on it as well. I hope to post a few pics of it when I get it finished.. Hopefully in the next 2 days or so.

Well off to bed.. been a LONG ass work week..


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