Nov 122002

Thanks guys… because of you and me getting off my ass and updating the web counter I’ve gotten 323 Unique Visitors in the last 3.5 or so months.. Hats off to you all for coming here and putting up with my banter..

Lets see what’s up for today.. i’m planning on asking this very nice girl out on thursday. If the stars aline.. speaking of stars.. my Horoscope for the day hit dead on.. todays trash day!! who knew?


Horoscope (by

Take care of your laundry and clean out your refrigerator, dear Capricorn. This is a terrific day to spend time in your home beautifying and cleaning.

I just hope they come get it this week is all.. 😛

well it’s really late.. I have no idea why i’m up this late so much now adays.. I’m gonna start running the webcam again.

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. cause well.. WHY NOT!! =) Be on the look out for some updated pics and the good…. or bad.. news about my adventure this thurday.. btw if you stumble upon this website my pretty lady friend.. SAY YES DAMNIT!!

talk to you all laterz.


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