Nov 132002

So I goes out to clean my car. There in the front yard is this little black and white kitten. it’s there in my yard.. looking all a sleep. I make some noise checking the mail and it doesn’t look at me or more.. or nothing… So I walk over to it cause I fear the worst and it raises it’s tiny little head and looks around acting as if it doesn’t see me. I can tell that it’s not in it’s best shape. I then brought it some water while I called Animal Control. When I went back outside the little guy was walking in my yard towards the peoples next door. Well I shouldn’t say walking.. more like.. slowly putting one paw in front of another

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. I went in the house and got a very large box (from when I moved here) and went back outside. He’d not made a lot of head way so I easily caught up with him.

I placed the box in front of him and he just walked into it. I sealed it up and then waited for AC to show up. They arrived about 10 minutes later. Two VERY pretty ladies. I didn’t want to feel like an ass and hit on them while the poor kitty was getting sicker.. So I gave them what I knew and they took the little tyke away. I hope he’s ok. I may call tomorrow to find out more. Not that I can keep him.. but you know it’s not right to just “forget” about that kind of stuff after you do so little. It is a living being after all. I would be sad if I never knew what happen.. did he pull thru? did he die? did he find a home?

Well.. going to watch some tv now. That’s all I can do for the moment.


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