Dec 062002

Sharp VE- CG40U Digital Camera

Well I just got a new cam the other day.. It’s the baaaoomba!! It takes phat high rez pics and even is easy to use. Now it’s not as full function as some of the more expensive 4MP camera’s but FUCK IT!! I want the REZ BABE!

It takes a good color photo and has some extra’s like F stop and ISO 100-400 and Shutter Speed that can all be manually tweaked.

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. this makes it better then most point and shoot camera’s I have touched. I got it at the Fry’s..

You’ll never guess how much.. … never!! it retails for something like $399-$499 and I got it for…..(drom roll) $288.99 Yes hard to believe I know!!

I am also going to start redesigning the website to use more blogger!! I love the Blogger!! plus it will be easier to keep maintained and have more sections. I’ll just move the more static stuff to the back.. like my gallery and such.. I can’t wait.. more pictures.. more video… more music.. more ME!!

Stay tuned!!


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