Dec 312002

Well it’s that time of year again. Tomorrow or hell today even is New Years Eve. The Last day of 2002 and also my 31st Birthday. Yes I have begun the “downward” spiral as it’s known as. Soon I’ll be ready for my first “break down” which will allow me to act stupid for a year and buy jet ski’s and fast cars and travel to miami on the weekends.

In Celebration of this glorious event I’ll be having a party at my house tonight. Yes a FULL BLOWN Throw down. I bought 96 bottles of Beer (and there ain’t no wall) 2 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of vodka and a bottle of Jager!!. Yes there will be fun had!!

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Anyways.. I just wanted to mention that my webcam will be running ALL NIGHT until the party is over. I’ll set the interval to 1 frame every 4 minutes. So refresh those browsers every 5 😛

If you like you can simply copy this link into your browser and refrest the image iteself

Everyone, Enjoy the FUCK out of your New Year. Make those Resolutions I know the UN has already..(bad joke!) and I’ll talk to you after I get up.. from the LONG New Year Hang over sleep..

Peace OUT!


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