Apr 132003

I have my exhaust now. Got that installed on Thursday. It sounds very pretty. Full 2.25 piping from the catback. Gives a nice low low burr sound and has from what I can tell increased horsepower in the 4K rpm range in 3rd and 4th. I’m extremely happy with it and it looks super sweet.

Here is a link to it here.

Everyone have a great week coming up and I’ll try to update what’s going on later this week. Blogger has been having some trouble “updating” my page so it looks like I haven’t been updating but I have :\

FYI, the springs and sway bar didn’t go in the other day because the crazy bitches quoted my $100 bucks on the phone and then 180 per axle when I got there.

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. :\ fuckers.. For all you Austin peeps, do NOT go to Advanced Tech Auto in Ceder Park.. they can blow me.. So I’ll be calling a few other places and if need be doing it myself. =).


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