Aug 142003

The Ring

-I just finally watched this on DVD. Guess what.. no phone call after.. woot!! This movie in and of itself is not really “Scary” but artistic. The shots are well done and the imagry is disturbing yet provocative to watch.

I found myself more interested in what the director and principal photographer were trying to convey visually then the actual story which was at best “fright night” quailty. Not to say the story wasn’t unique but by far the images drive this movie. One doesn’t beg for the next plot turn so much as anticipates what they will see next, be it a burning tree or the death visage of a victim. The acting in the film was from “new” talent. I was pleasently pleased to see that the acting was very good and that the characters in themselves were pretty well fleshed out. (no pun intended). On the DVD there is a section called “Don’t watch this” it’s the deleted scenes from the movie, it also includes several of the “mood” shots that were cut. I found the way the deleted scenes were edited almost as good as the movie itself and they shouldn’t be ignored.

The website is not half bad, it seems to have a lot of good info on the film and some movies

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. It’s crap flash though which I feel has overtaken the web more then the “urban myth” that is the ring itself. The one down part was the audio. I can understand the “erie” sound but since flash forces you to loop and the sounds from the site are at best “grating” they get to you quickly.. There is an excellent slide show of images in the “child” section.

Being the type of person I am I decided to take a bit of advice from the film. In the film Racheal searches the internet for “Moesko Island” well do a google search on this and you’ll be presented with a LOT of pages that look like they are part of the movie. You will know that your on a “Ring” page as a fly will buzz thru out it.

Shelter Mountain inn

Moesko Island

Morgans Horse Ranch

Ringworld This has both the US and Japanese “Ringu” films and info

over all I give it an 8 out of 10 stars which is pretty damn high for a horror film!!


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