Oct 082003

Ok, so I just got back from my little foray into Canada. First I just want to say that the following is not a lie.. And is not a call for attention but the truth. You can either believe me or of course not. Personally I don’t have a reason to lie about the following so the smart ones will of course understand that this took place.

I’m in Montreal. We had spent most of the day walking around, riding the subway and basically taking in the city at large. After a very long day of trekking I spent some time at the hotel we stayed at on clement St. I had noticed earlier that there was an Irish pub next door across the street “Hurley’s”

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. I went over there and got a Black and Tan. (It had been a long day!) As I sat there sipping my savior a very pretty girl walked in and sat next to me at the bar. Now this is not in itself un-normal. I’m a very cool person and hell the ladies love me.. (I hope). Anyways the part I was excited about was that out of the vacant 5 seats she picked the one right next to me. She ordered a drink and we sat by each other in silence. Now not normally the one to just blurt out conversation to a fine girl for no reason I was quiet for a while. Finally I noticed that she now and then would look at me while I enjoyed by B&T. So being the open person I am I said.

“How was your day?” In which she replied. “Good, and yours?”

To this we talked briefly for a few moments exchanging idle chat. I learned that she had recently moved or was moving from New York City and that we both thought it cold in both places (one being Montreal). To that our conversation was cut short as the person she was waiting for arrived. A dark curly haired woman of mid 20 age. We parted, she said bye and I was forced to take in her beauty from a distance. This is when that Nagging feeling I tend to get started to really bother me.. “I’ve seen that girl before” “That face looks familiar.” To this myself and the bartender came to the same conclusion at about the same time… That girl, was Anna Paquin.

Yes this cute and very attractive girl was none other then “Rogue” from X-Men….. After my 4th Black and Tan it was still odd to me that I had actually hit on a Hollywood star… I was rather aloof the rest of the evening as I sat in my hotel bed thinking.. “Holy fucking Shit…. Anna Paquin….” Yes of all the bars, in all the cities, in all the countries I have to meet the woman of my dreams briefly in an Irish Pub in Montreal Canada. …

Oh well.. I’m thinking of writing her a fan mail saying.. It was a pleasure to meet and get the chance to briefly talk..

Until I get time to fully update you on my trip. Take some time to check out more about Anna here at the IMDB.

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