Oct 132003

Oct 2-13, 2003

My flight left early in the morning, my buddy Richard was kind enough to take me to the airport. It was too damn early and I was still a little tired. The plane trip was uneventful, as I slept thru most of it. Normally I take night flights this was my first day trip across the country. During those night flights I’ve usually consumed several drinks and at least 2 shots to make the flight more enjoyable. This time though it being a day flight I didn’t really have a chance to have anything to drink. Anyways I managed to sleep thru most of the flight which was a god send because I didn’t have the pleasure of sitting next to anyone worth talking to. It was a two hop flight but I didn’t have to chance planes which was a major plus. (this lessens the chances of you losing your luggage.

The trip up the notch into Berlin was beautiful, the strong colors on the trees and the high mountains. All of it was a major and much welcomed change then Texas country. I had several highlights to my trip both in memory and in new experiences. We spent 3 days in Canada where I briefly got to talk to a movie star as well as see some Monet, Van Gogh and Cezanne at the Ottowa Museum of Art. I got the chance to see my ancestral home lands. Deep in the center of New Hampshire, a small town named “Gilford”

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. Yes not many know it or have heard of it or even know where it is. Though mostly unknown this place holds many, many memories for me. I was able to take some pictures of my old school, my old home and the places I worked and lived. The town has changed very little in 13 years yes there have been some additions as well as decay but overall the area was unchanged.

Now I sit in Dover relaxing with family and enjoying some time off. I sit here watching some DVD’s and trying to ponder what to do next. I do know that tomorrow I leave for home another boring trip. I do have some new CD’s to listen to and had time to finish another Star Wars book. When I get home I’ll have a few more days left before I have to go back to work. Tuesday, I will go see Ani Difranco one of the best folk guitar singers out there. I can’t wait to see her, it will be my 3rd time. Until next time folks, read… enjoy… and most of all remember to listen to the chill.


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