Nov 072003

So I’ve been thinking about “love” lately.. yeah.. I know.. why am I thinking about it?? Easy.. it’s winter.. that’s when people huddle under blankets and stay warm together. That’s when people make fires and drink red wines and wonder what could be. It’s when all of us are at our most depressed.. (damn that artic night)

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So what about looking for luv? Well as always.. I end up looking.. never finding but never not finding.. maybe this time will be different, maybe this time will be worse. I look forward to the new holiday and year, it gives you a chance to meet new people and refresh the old friends.

Lets just hope this year is as good as last and that not only do I feel great about it but I get as much from it.

Peace out side and all that good stuffin.

PS. They didn’t have the butthole surfers :\ freakin liars!!

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